Top 5 CS:GO Teams for Betting

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has become almost the main leading esports discipline. Many talented gamers take part in major tournaments, and their fans are happy to follow them. Those who love to bet on esports events have identified the top 5 teams to bet on.


The team does not change tactics for more successful ones – it improves the old ones. Everyone remembers the craziest Danish scheme with the grenade throwing at the enemy and fast rush/aggressive defense. However, Astralis is acting cleverly, taking into account the mistakes of other top teams, drastically changing their simulated strategies.

Natus Vincere (NaVi)

It is simply pointless to list all the victories of this Ukrainian team because there are many of them. The composition of the team has changed several times, but the statistics of the prize money received is constantly growing.

Team Liquid

We often see some crazy situations and beautiful frags from this North American team. All team members perform at a high level, which distinguishes them from other teams. They can go for some crazy actions and are not afraid to engage in open firefights. Also, clutch situations (the moment when a team player is left alone against several opponents) have become another outstanding feature of Team Liquid.

FaZe Clan

No matter how the composition of the team changes, the main aspect has always been the individual level of the gamer. FaZe’s concept was to practice individual and doubles play, tearing opponents apart in duels and exchanges, and then just finish off, shoot the remaining players. At the moment, the team has not abandoned its concept but began to pay more attention to tactics, seek balance and work out tactical training a lot.


Recently, this team from the post-Soviet space has been experiencing changes in its playing style:

  • Previously, the team preferred to play either very fast or very slow. Now, has added measured rounds, which end in the interval from 1:10 to 0:40.
  • If earlier players often started the pistol round for the attack with full control of the main points, now the pistol rounds have become more variable.
  • Less focus on B on weapon rounds. A team often starts with only one player inside the B-plant.

Some people think that these teams became strong without any problems – it is enough just to play well. However, in reality, they had to make tremendous efforts to become the best, to enter the top and gain fame.

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