How to Find New Websites for CS:GO Betting

Esports betting is becoming more and more popular every year, as a result of which new bookmakers are constantly opening. Due to such a variety of options, it is often difficult for beginners to decide on the choice of a bookmaker for CS:GO events.

Important Criteria

Since we are talking about new bookmakers, it is essential to pay attention to the following points:

  • Availability of a license.
  • The quality of the support service.
  • Deposit options.
  • The number of bets per line on CS:GO.
  • The rules of the company.

It is crucial to check the information not only from official news but also from rumors on the Internet to keep abreast of developments related to the betting site. New betting institutions are more reliable than their old illegal offshore counterparts.

How to Find New CS:GO Betting Sites

As more and more new bookmakers appear, the number of fraudsters who play unfair games also increases. To avoid depositing your money into the account of an unscrupulous bookmaker, check a rating of the best new bookmakers.

Having studied it, you will have at least a minimal idea of ​​who you can trust and who is better to stay away from. Of course, you cannot blindly rely on ratings and reviews, because at least some of them can be paid for by a dishonest bookmaker who wants to whitewash one’s reputation.

It would be best to not only read opinions about the work of new bookmakers but also conduct your investigation. To do this, visit specialized forums. There will be much more chances to read real reviews about the game with this or that new bookmaker and find out who is the most honest and who is better to stay away from.

How to Choose a New Bookmaker for CS:GO Betting?

Clients who are going to open an account in one of the new establishments should estimate:

  • what margin is set (where the coefficients are more profitable);
  • how much money is offered as a welcome bonus;
  • what events it specializes in (sports, e-sports, shows);
  • what limits it sets on minimum deposits or bet amounts.

Thus, the best option for CS:GO betting, especially for beginners, would be to play at licensed bookmakers. If the bookmaker is unreliable, this nullifies all the other pluses. The rating of new CS: GO betting sites is needed so that newbies can see in advance which bookmaker is trustworthy and which one is better to stay away from.

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