CS:GO Betting vs Other Esports Titles

Bookmakers have reacted to the rapid growth in popularity of CS:GO. The lines of top bookmakers offer to place bets on different events. Betting on matches in CS:GO is different from other esports. In this article, we will take a look at these features.

CS:GO Betting Strategy

Analyze the event wisely and stick to a strategy to place your bets correctly in this game. Basic CS:GO betting strategies include:

  • Fresh Line Bets. A common strategy is to catch profitable odds long before the event. Often the analytical department of the bookmaker’s office makes mistakes in the formation of the odds grid, offering higher values. Connoisseurs of the esports industry make money on this.
  • Forks. Bettor makes a bet on each mutually exclusive outcome in different offices. By doing this, the player neutralizes the difference in the coefficients and makes a profit with coefficients of at least 2.
  • Catch-Up. A strategy that involves a series of consecutive bets. The amount of each subsequent bet depends on the result of the previous one. Each subsequent bet should at least cover the loss of the previous ones, or better – be profitable.
  • Flat. A kind of catch-up, which obliges the player to make bets for the same amount and on the same outcome. The size of the bet should not increase. The strategy works as long as no more than five bets remain in the drawing. If you exceed this limit, the player runs the risk of being left with nothing.

Skin Bets

This is a separate type of betting on skins in CS:GO. Skins are items (weapons) that can be bought, sold for real money and used in the game. The cost of such items can range from a few cents to several thousand dollars.

The options for betting on CS:GO differ depending on the chosen bookmaker. The betting site can independently form and fill the line, so some options are present in one bookmaker and absent in another. However, you can still find sites that accept in-game item betting. In addition, it is very important to carefully study the reviews before replenishing the balance on a particular site, since there are many scammers in this niche of esports betting.

There are a lot of bookmakers where players can bet on CS:GO events, and the lines for this discipline of esports are present both at large international bookmaker brands and among highly specialized bookmakers.

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